Welcome to our blog! A family life and well being blog focused on our experience raising two boys, navigating the myriad of information out there, and striving for balance and peace in our home.

Why pickles and bacon?

Nope – not the actual names of our children! However, they are nicknames that came from the cravings their mama had during pregnancy. We like to think that those craved foods also show us a bit about their personalities and so far it has!

What can you expect?

  • Sharing our experiences (what worked, what didn’t work, hacks)
  • Review of resources that helped us (books, products, etc)
  • Suggestions to guide you along the way

About us

We are a young family with a lot of varying interests. At our core we are a family that sees value in traditions, balance, natural living and intentional parenting. We are big on recognizing limitations, being graceful with ourselves and our children, and adapting as we constantly seek relentless improvement of ourselves, our routines and our family life.  Read more

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a Christmas tradition – Mom’s Chex mix, which we always called “Scrabble.” Ah, the fond memories of sneaking extra garlic salt into the batch when Mom wasn’t looking!

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Simple Nutritious Smoothies

Have you wanted to start making smoothies for yourself or your family but don’t know where to start? Weeding through the array of machines and recipes can be confusing and overwhelming, so we wanted to share a simple approach to nutritious smoothies.

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Preparing for Dental Work

In the world of ‘scary things’ for your kids, nothing elicits quite a response like going to the dentist. It can be quite a nerve wracking experience for your child despite your best intentions to lower the anxiety levels. The good news, though, is that you can do some things ahead of time to help…

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Simple Chore Chart

We recently acquired two large jars full of pennies, nickels and dimes from the kids’ grandparents. They knew how much “Pickles” loves coins and knew both boys had piggy banks at home that were waiting to be fed.

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Hygge and Health

This year we are hoping to focus much of our time, effort, and money on hygge and health. We are excited about this focus because we feel it’s something we need in our lives to help combat our chronic stress.

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