who we are

We are a young family with a lot of varying interests. At our core we are a family that sees value in traditions, balance, natural living and intentional parenting. We are big on recognizing limitations, being graceful with ourselves and our children, and adapting as we constantly seek relentless improvement of ourselves, our routines and our family life. 

We regularly enjoy caring for our chickens, composting, gardening, maple tapping, cooking, baking, getting out for walks in nature and spending quality time with our children playing, crafting, and doing chores or running errands. We have a high regard for mental wellness and often spend time exploring ways to understand ourselves and our children and to grow as individuals and as a family, especially as we strive to bring more positivity into our mindset.

We are a family steeped in tradition – whether it be seasonal, secular or Catholic Traditions – we always strive to mark time as it passes in special ways. As Traditional Catholics and Benedictine Oblates we value prayer individually and as a family and being part of a larger community with other families. 

As individuals we tend to live a life that models after Essentialism mixed with some elements of Minimalism. As parents we tend to lean toward many of the concepts of Intuitive Parenting, Gentle Parenting and Attachment Parenting with a focus on Highly Sensitive Children. As homeschoolers we lean toward methods such as Montesorri, Unschooling, and traditional homeschooling. 

As a general rule we eat mostly gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free and vegan – not by preference alone, but also due to a variety of food allergies. We are passionate about clean living, homeopathy, natural remedies, naturopathy and homebirth. 

We are keen on hacks and finding ways to do things ourselves if reasonable. If we can make our own crackers and mayonnaise to save $10, we will. We are extremely practical and organized, though every day can feel just as chaotic as you would expect being a parent and being pulled in so many directions!

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