Bear Hunt

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

To help incorporate imaginative play we like to offer the kids a song called We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by the Kiboomers. We will put the audio on for the song and walk around with them while singing the song together.

During the course of the song we have to walk through tall wavy grass, swim through a big river, go through the mud, go into a cave and when we find the bear in the cave we run back out of the cave, through the mud, across the river, and through the tall grass to our home (usually screaming like banshees).

To add to the fun you can setup a lite obstacle course to act as the grass, river, mud, cave and home – or you can just use your imagination to its full! You could also do this game in your own backyard, which could be real fun, unless you ran into a real bear!

One of our favorite things about this game is that it builds on a sequence and then reverses it, helps spark imagination, and can be an active game to get energy out. At some level is also builds an understanding of acceptance – i.e. this obstacle is in front of me, what can I do about? Nothing – OK, well, then I need to go through it.