Faux Sherpa Care

Faux Sherpa Care

If you’re anything like us as a parents, when you see a really cute outfit or jacket (and by cute, we mean something that has ears or the like on it), you can’t resist buying it for your littles.

So we bought Pickles a faux sherpa fox jacket last year. It has ears and was super soft…. noticed I said WAS soft – lol. Over the course of the winter it started becoming a little matted from wear, which can be expected. Big mistake was letting him wear it in the fall while raking leaves because when he decided to throw leaves over himself, said jacket was no longer soft nor clean… ugh. So into the washer it went and even though we didn’t run it into the dryer, it still came out looking like a cat with mange. We still let him wear it (because it’s his favorite jacket) despite our better judgement, but it came to a point where we decided something needed to be done (without spending money on dry cleaning it or something like that).

I figured there HAS to be some way to revive this poorly looking faux sherpa jacket! I grabbed an old toothbrush and figured that may do the trick… nope. Hmmm… next I grabbed a hairbrush (you know, one of those with the little nubs on the end of the bristles)… um, definitely no – it only tangled into the coat with no movement. Oh, a fuzz buster! That surely would do the trick… uh no, not really. And then I remembered, I had this old hairbrush that was like boar bristles style. Sure enough that helped loosen the faux sherpa enough that I could then get the other hairbrush with the nubs to work too. So it was the combo of them both that really did the trick. In the picture, the sleeve on the left is the “After,” and the sleeve on the right is the “Before.”

So tada! Eureka! You can revive a faux sherpa jacket! Fair warning though, it does take some time and patience to endure brushing an entire jacket. Happy brushing!!