Floor is Lava and Freeze Dance

Floor is Lava and Freeze Dance

One of our favorite ways to get the kids energy out is to queue up The Kiboomers on YouTube or via Alexa and play The Floor is Lava kids dance song. The song instructs the children to dance, wiggle, tip-toe, and crawl before counting down for them to get off the floor before it turns into lava.

As you can imagine, this is great fun for the kids and it produces a lot of silliness and running around. When the alert is sounding during the refrain we typically all wave our hands in the air like crazy people. Even “Bacon” gets in on that action, and he’s only a year and half old.

Another thing we’ve done to make this more fun is to add in foam balance rocks that we have to stand on to avoid the lava. It takes a bit more balance and can add to the fun.

When we are all tired from the Floor is Lava we will switch to the Freeze Dance, also by The Kiboomers and try to get stuck in as many funny positions and faces as possible when frozen.

Both games are very active and require following directions – so the kids gain some skillsets too. Adding in the foam balance rocks gives the added fun of balancing while escaping the lava or being frozen!